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  • No internet connection to tv, any suggestions?

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 8 months ago

    Just tried to carry on with 'Blood' and no internet connection. Was fine last night and have it elsewhere. Pushed the wires to tv with no joy. I can't even find any network connections in settings - do I need to go back to first installation and start again, please, anyone know? Have switched router on and off. Thanks

    • Sorry you've got a problem. I think you have done everything I would have done. Hope someone can hel..

    • If you have a Virgin Tivo box. its Home, Help + Settings, Network, Connect to Network. That should d..

    • oh just thought I had a problem with a plug once. The prongs slid off the base so you could change i..

    • @Mi... -I don't have a box, just smart tv and it was fine last night but no Netflix or Freeserve..

    • You could try the same on your smart tv. Home, Settings, Network. etc.If all else fails, turn everyt..

    • @Se... you know your router's OK because you're on here, so I suggest you google something like 'my..

    • something like this on your tv remote........Menu...Settings....Network....wifi/ ..

    • @Cl... - Did all that but I can't find anywhere which will let me enter broadband details again. Ha..

    • Some of that is a bit too complicated for me, Diana! Just cannot find anywhere to re-input the broad..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      8 months ago
    • Now realise I was ticking the 'wired' connection which is for computer but not tv, of course, so fou..

    • You could connect a cable if your TV has an Ethernet port (RJ45) , or check your password (case sens..

    • Does that mean a cable from the router to the TV. Too far, if it does, as in different rooms. Will t..

    • @Se... you can get ethernet cables in various lengths up to 30 – I've even run one to a different f..

    • Spoke to Panasonic this morning - after trying yet again to connect. Very pleasant but as the call l..

    • Is the video no help, @Se...? I just had quick look and it seemed fairly simple. You are trying the..

    • @Di... - thanks so much. I've been trying again and used every kind of dash possible but I click t..

    • Oh dear - I hope the Panasonic person can help. I find I really need some escapist telly in these di..

    • I think I have the same TV as you ( on your recomendation), I took a picture of the back of my TV sh..

    • Still waiting call back, would you believe, I'll have another go tomorrow. I've only 2 leads in back..

    • It's a bad move to leave the network name and password as the default....better to log onto your rou..

    • @Cl... - you've totally lost me! Are you saying I should change the password the broadband gave me ..

    • you should have got booklets when you got your router telling you how to do it along with any userna..

    • usually something like in your browser and a login of ADMIN and a Password this should b..

    • They probably did and probably went into a box unread, a few years ago now. - I'm usually so thrille..

    • All that is on the back of my "Keep Me" card - which I've kept - probably don't do booklets any more..

    • You should find all the default info for logging on to your Router on labels attached to your router..

    • Hope you don't mind if I leave that for another day!

    • Quite understand !!!!!!

    • Rang Panasonic this morning, went through it all with the lady and - I just knew this would happen -..

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