• Kenny @Ibuumerang Rotherhithe - updated 4y

    New Uber-style Service To Launch UK late 2020

    📢 VIBERIDE... *New Rideshare concept. *Expanded opportunity beyond just driving. *Linear income + Residual income. 🔥 https://youtu.be/h3_R0-cthfE Watch the 14 minutes youtube video above and our travel services info below and receive a code to access the platform, set up your FREE account giving upto 35% travel savings,and access to VibeRide, once it launches UK. USA launch is 6th December 2019. Your code accesses ALL services! 🔥 https://umustsee.net/IPS7EA (leave details, we'll send you a link to set up your FREE account). Info: viberides007@gmail.com Our travel website: https://mobilize.ibuumerang.com


Neighbourhood loop for Rotherhithe, Greater London