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  • New small biz helping parents make sustainable choices

    Y’earn is a parent-to-parent marketplace to rent Baby & Kids items from people and small businesses in your community or make some cash if you have items you don't need right now. Sign up for our newsletter and we'll plant a tree for you

    We’re on a mission to help parents create lasting memories and positive impact through convenient, sustainable, and affordable rentals. For every rental we plant trees and adopt bees, we have also partnered with charities like Great Ormond Street Hospital, Baby Basics baby bank and the Child Rescue Coalition.

    At the moment we’re focused on: Bedroom & nursery, Feeding (highchairs, breast pumps etc), Around the home (bounders, stargazes, playmats etc) and Out & About (Prams, car seats etc). In the future we want to add musical instruments and toys.

    We're a new business and hope you will like/comment to help us spread the word.

    • This is a business ad and should not be in groups

    • Oh sorry, I thought you could share information about services and local businesses in groups. I onl..

    • Yes, but sharing information such as asking other local members for recommendations for a tradesman ..

    • I see what you`re saying @Bo... but...This is a new service. ...How would we know we can rent items ..

    • Thanks Diana. Easy mistake to make @Ye.... I think that's why there's a separate business se..

    • I think most Mums are pretty well networked Krista, eg through Mumsnet. My daughter certainly knows ..

    • But the general principle is still relevant. How do new ideas that are businesses get to us if they ..

    • @Kr... it sounds like a very good and useful business, but where should SL draw the line and say to..

    • Yes-you have a point@Di....I don`t know the answer except plumbers & other trades aren`t a new ide..

    • They should put their stuff on the business pages, that is what it is there for and where to look if..

    • Sorry I didn't mean to start a debate :) There actually isn't another company out there that lets pa..

    • Happy to leave it in. We debate everything - not a problem. @Kr... -wouldn't this be better..

    • May be-I`m not Admin for the Scoop Loop Eco-group, I`m Admin for a FB Eco-page. @Ye... join..

    • @Kr... Thank you! I've just sent a request to join

    • Self-promotional posts invariably put me off using ScoopLoop groups.The original poster should be ab..

    • @Ye... and I`ve approved you.

    • @Di... I think that's harsh Diana. This is the first business post in the group. It has already bee..

    • No; the [in]validity of its presence here has been discussed. I have as much right at any other grou..

    • I don't see how it's 'the direct electronic equivalent of leafleting strangers' houses marked 'No Ju..

    • I have no idea if you're parents of young children so it wasn't intended as an ad, if I was spamming..

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Save The Planet

This planet is dying and we are all acting too slowly. Thoughts, debates & suggestions on how we can act FAST and attempt to save the planet.