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    Ray P @RayPro Thorpe St Andrew updated 7 months ago

    Well, COVID-19 pandemic has finally affected me financially. In order to offset the extra cost for food, electricity, etc..... I’m needing to make some extra money on the side.

    Soooooooo....I am now proud (and a little embarrassed 😜) to announce that I am selling adult toys. I hope no one is too shy to ask for them. I have all kinds, sizes and styles according to your needs 😉
    Discretion is guaranteed!! I am willing and able to demonstrate any items for you via pictures or video.

    I have everything listed below.

    -Zimmer frames
    -Oxygen tanks
    -Walking Canes
    -Incontinence pads
    -Denture fixative
    and more!

    Copy and paste if you have a sense of humour!!! I did!! 😂

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