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  • National Space Day

    Tonight step outside and look up at the sky to appreciate the stars as today is
    National Space Day - celebrated on the first Friday of May.

    First created to inspire us all in the pursuit of knowledge and progress we could say
    that National Space Day’s history starts at the beginning of the universe itself, when
    an intense pressure and temperature resulted in the Big Band, exploding the
    universe and everything into existence.

    Unbelievably we’ve only been exploring space for less than 60 years with the first
    space flight being undertaken by the Soviets on April 12 th 1961.

    Fun space fact:
    Did you know sound cannot be heard in space. Sound travels from one point to
    another by making vibrations in molecules and atoms. Because there is no air, and
    therefore no medium through which sound can travel, outer space is eerily quiet.

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