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  • National Cake Decorating Day – 10th October

    Since the Great British Bake Off began we, as a nation, have become far more interested in all things cake and baking related.

    There is even a national day; National Cake Decorating Day celebrated on October the 10th. Used to recognize the creative artist in all of us. Whilst most of us are amateurs, many professional cake decorators started their careers as hobbyists and were drawn to the profession as it allows them to express themselves in an edible yet creative form.

    Cake decorating is an art form that requires both patience and experience. The earliest ‘cake’ can be traced back to the Neolithic era. Archaeologists uncovered very basic cakes made from grains; which would have likely been cooked over a hot stone. However they bear little resemblance to the cakes we know and love today!

    Why not practice new decorating techniques, try out a new kind of icing or create a one of a kind design to celebrate!

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