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  • Name a valid country quiz

    Your challenge today is to identify a country that satisfies each of the requirements set out below. In all cases, there is more than one answer but you only need one of them to get a point and you can only have one guess. I have indicated (in brackets) how many countries satisfy each requirement. No use of reference material or the internet of course to ensure fair play. Good luck.

    REMEMBER - NO POSTS instead you PM me with your guesses any time up to midnight tonight. If possible, please wait until you've completed all the guesses you want to make to avoid too many PMs and to make my job easier. So no hurry and it doesn't matter when you submit the answers because I'll be judging them solely on who has the most correct - and in the event of two or more being level it will be a tie. I hope this is clear and good luck. Tomorrow I’ll post the names of the top entries.

    Name a country……

    1.with land on the Equator (11) Brazil | Colombia | D.R. Congo | Ecuador | Gabon |
    Indonesia | Kenya | R. Congo | São Tomé and Príncipe |Somalia | Uganda

    2.with an X in its name (2) Luxembourg | Mexico
    3.bordering only China and India (2) Bhutan | Nepal
    4.on the island of Borneo (3) Brunei | Indonesia | Malaysia
    5.whose flag is only blue and white (6) Greece | Finland | F. S. Micronesia | Honduras |Israel | Somalia

    6.whose flag is only blue and yellow (4) Ukraine | Sweden | Kazakhstan | Palau
    7.completely surrounded by another country (3) Lesotho | San Marino | Vatican City
    8.touching Lake Victoria (3) Kenya | Tanzania | Uganda
    9.that averages less than 6 cm of precipitation per year (3) Egypt | Libya | Saudi Arabia
    10.with an average elevation over 3000 meters (3) Bhutan | Nepal | Tajikistan
    11.bordering the Black Sea (6) Bulgaria | Georgia | Romania | Russia | Turkey | Ukraine
    12.bordering the Red Sea (8) Djibouti | Egypt | Eritrea | Israel | Jordan |Saudi Arabia | Sudan | Yemen

    13.which gained independence from the Netherlands (3) Belgium | Indonesia | Suriname
    14.considered by the United States to be astate sponsor of terrorism (4) Cuba | Iran | North Korea | Syria

    15.whose population shrunk more than 5%between 2010–2021 (9) Andorra | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bulgaria |
    Croatia | Latvia | Lithuania | Romania | Syria | Ukraine

    16.whose capital starts with J (3) Israel | Indonesia | South Sudan
    17.that grows more than 600,000 metric tons of coffee (4) Brazil | Vietnam | Colombia | Indonesia

    18.that borders the Ivory Coast (5) Burkina Faso | Ghana | Guinea | Liberia | Mali
    19.that had no people in the year 600 AD (7) Bahamas | Cape Verde | Iceland | Mauritius | New Zealand | São Tomé and Príncipe | Seychelles

    20.is one of the four countries (other than Australia) which have the largest islands (4)Denmark (Greenland) | Madagascar | Canada (Baffin Island) | Indonesia (Sumatra)

Loop Description

Guess the sketch and other things

A group specifically designed to offer enjoyable quizzes on different subjects including identifying SuperFunGuy sketches and other drawings, pictures or photos of, for example, famous people when they were young, unusual things, animals, objects close up or distorted or from unusual angles etc so that everyone can have some fun guessing who or what is being featured.