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  • Robert @RobRoy Laindon updated 29 days ago

    Murder over social media row

    Four young lives changed over social media comments and suspicions


    One boy dies and three young people go to prison for manslaughter and murder
    • @Ro... Saw this

      on the news, dreadful, there was the case the other day of a young girl committing..

    • I agree that children should not be allowed to have a smartphone. Parents have to put their foot dow..

    • @Bo... I agree, young children seem to be actively encouraged to get online nowadays and it is c..

    • I just wish the Internet hadn't been invented sometimes, even the man who created it said that. Youn..

    • @Sa...08 if only we controlled what there is more successfully. Sites like that should never be all..

    • @Bo... Yes, do they really need 'smart' phones. They can still be in contact with an ordinary ch..

    • This is a desperately sad story. I don't know what the answer is. Keeping children from mobile phone..

    • Kids today don't appear to know how to converse normally anymore - face to face using their voices r..

    • @Ch... unfortunately a lot can only use swear words or even when out with a friend are still busy F..

    • Only children of secondary school age and above need a mobile so they can get in contact with parent..

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