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    Missing cat - presume to be injured - SE25 area

    Hi all

    My cat, called Tino, is missing since yesterday morning. I’m presuming he’s injured as there was blood specs on my decking and I found some fur in the garden. He has long grey hair. He’s 15 years old. He’s a real homebody and spends his time in either mine or my neighbours garden or our houses. He never strays far at all. He sits on my neighbours windowsill waiting for her to let him in in the mornings. Can you please look in your garden/shed/bushes for him.

    He’s got an overactive thyroid so he’s constantly after food (I just picked up his medicine on Monday).

    My son heard a commotion yesterday morning in the garden at 6am and looked outside but didn't see anything. I know there were foxes in the garden.

    I’m on woodside green SE25. Latest pic of him.

    Thanks in advance.


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