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  • Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 29 days ago

    Minor SOS - I can't get rid of the smell!

    I bought a teak unit which is in very nice condition, very clean and suits the vibes of this odd place. Now on wheels courtesy of my neighbour so have seen it up-side down and no damp or anything there. I can only think it has been sitting in a garage for years unused. Problem is I just cannot get rid of the musty smell when I open the drawers. I've sprayed the drawers all over with Pledge, wiped down with Lavender essence and had in the sunshine outside for a day. I'm not a fan of air freshener or plug-ins. Had it a week now and the smell is still overpowering to me (though neighbour says he can't smell it).
    Any suggestions, please, as I'm not sure I can live with it!

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