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    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 21 days ago

    Is your pets microchip details up to date?
    I was talking to a vet and he said many people forget to change the microchip details. Some are still in the breeders details and many forget to change the info when they move or change their phone number.
    Unless you have your pet's microchip number on file, it can only be obtained by having your pet scanned at a veterinary clinic with a microchip scanner.
    There are a number of web sites to check the the details are correct.

    • I saw a TV programme once that said as there are different microchip companies they are not coordina..

    • @Sa...08 I heard that too. It's about time they cooperated.

    • You can check the details the next time you go to the vets.The link in OP is © 2021 Kennel Club Limi..

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