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  • Blodwen @Blodwen Woodham updated 1 year ago

    Maybelline Recycling Stations

    Just in case not everyone is aware, Maybelline have set up a programme for recycling of used or partly used cosmetic and makeup products. The large Tesco close to where I live has a box for deposits, and until I saw it the other day, I hadn't realised that they will accept products produced by other companies, not just their own.

    • @Bl... That's a really good idea, especially as some makeup, like mascara, should be replaced ever..

    • @Ha... I'm not using much lipstick lately (no point, no-one can see it behind the mask)!

      This recycl..

    • It would be interesting to know how much is genuinely recycled. Often these schemes are just greenwa..

    • Thanks for posting @Bl.... What evidence do you have @Te... - that seems unlikely to me, but I mi..

    • @Le... I can think of organisations that have promised to plant trees as carbon offset and done no..

    • @Te... I agree that there are examples of recycling failures and cons but don't agree that this typ..

    • @Bl... That's how all the Terracycle schemes work. They get a big brand to sponsor the scheme but ..

    • Firms like to look greener than green to sell their products.

      I often asked myself is transport/han..

    • I have had a look at the Terracycle website and the Maybelline scheme and it all looks genuine altho..

    • Terracycle isn't remotely new, Terry; don't be too sceptical! I've used some of its schemes (such as..

    • I don't use moisturiser, just coconut oil and/or Active Silver Glow (both come in glass jars). My he..

    • @Ha... Anything but landfills. Even burning gives some end results.

      My recycling is very clean but wo..

    • There's a collecting bin in the makeup section of Slough (Uxbridge Road) Sainsbury's, too.

      (Had ass..

    • If one branch of Sainsbury's has agreed to set up a Terracycle collection bin (perhaps because of an..

    • I did manage to get the Brita Water Filter collecting box moved to a more obvious location (having n..

    • @Pe... So not even employees know who to approach about such issues, then? Sorry to hear that; I'd ..

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