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    Event: March Dinner Date

    This event has already taken place.

    Start Date: 31.03.2020. Start Time: 19:00

    Location: Chez Vous

    Good Evening All

    March Dinner Date Tuesday 31st March 2020 7pm
    Short notice again……. But just one day left to squeeze in a March Dinner Date.
    So, table sorted for a lovely dinner at Chez Vous.
    Now I realize that the name of this place sounds French, but I am assured that they do other kinds of food too.
    Chez Vous is very easy to get to, I’m sure you know the way.
    There may be parking outside, you will have to find that out for yourself I’m afraid.
    So who would like to join us (with a photo of your meal)?Maybe we could encourage those who don't usually come to participate? Mmm? xx

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