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  • Community News: Loud bang 12/07/2020

    Emily @Emily4 Southfields updated 18 days ago

    Dear Southfields Neighbours,

    My partner and I heard an incredible bang in the early hours of the morning approximately 3:30am. We have scoured the news and didn't see anything but curious if we are the only one. It seemed so loud, I can't imagine it was or that we both imagined it.

    • 26 days ago

      Sounds like a local bang as we heard nothing. Did the earth move?

    • 26 days ago

      @Al... I am on the 14th floor so didn’t feel the earth move. Genuinely both thought it was like a bo..

    • 25 days ago

      Did you get to the bottom of the big 3:30am bang?

    • 19 days ago

      Apparently a flat got raided by armed police in Battersea, the police blew off the door!It was repor..

    • 18 days ago

      Thanks Glenys, unfortunately that was the 6th not the 12th, unfortunately mystery remains

    • 18 days ago

      Trust me it's the Metropolitan Armed Police!Last night was Ealings turn!