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    LOCAL GEM: Mamason's Dirty Ice Cream in Kentish Town

    Hi neighbours,
    I know it's a little cold to be writing about ice cream.. but I couldn't contain my excitement as I discovered a local gem just a walking distance away from where I live! Plus I always am open with sharing my culture with others!
    It's basically a small Filipino ice cream shop which offers exotic ice cream flavors other than your classic chocolate and vanilla.
    Coming from Asia, it was a struggle to find authentic taste of home locally (other than the China town in central).
    I tried three ice cream flavours:
    1. Purple is a sweet potato type of yam
    2. Black is a black buko coconut
    3. Green is the matcha green tea
    And then there's a bilog which is queso CHEESE ice cream sandwiched between a bun!

    On the left if a halo halo - a ice summer dessert which is crushed iced with condense milk, canned fruit and topped with yam ice cream!


    It is a little pricey tho.

    Mamason's Dirty Ice Cream
    91, Kentish Town rd


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