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    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 3 months ago

    Would anybody care to hazard a guess whether or not this is load-bearing. I'm thinking of getting this removed - it's the 'wall' between the landing and the eaves which seems to be just a thick hardboard (probably when built in 60s) and had filthy loft lagging attached which has been removed today. Before and after photos attached. I might add it's been difficult enough getting the lagging removed before I start trying to get someone to do the rest. I could try and remove (some of) the hardboard and leave the frame up. I basically just want a sense of space, not looking for an extra room. The other side is the landing.

    Or should I get a surveyor in - I don't really want to spend a couple of hundred pounds for one, to be honest, for just a yes or no.

    • Do you have a friendly builder you could ask to look at it?

    • You wouldn't want the roof to come down. As the saying goes if unsure hold back. Try to get a builde..

    • You could get 2 or 3 free estimates, if these conflict then ask for advice from Bromley Council Buil..

    • It looks like it's just a partition: hardboard or plasterboard over a wooden frame is not load-beari..

    • Its hard to tell from your photos but if it is the roof that is to the left then the wood is probabl..

    • I would agree with Clive. The size of those timbers are larger than you would need for a partition w..

    • When I came here last year, had two skylights put in as it was pitch-dark in there (and I'm not very..

    • Roof with slate or tiles are very heavy , leave alone .

    • @Se... I have indicated those comments which I think are most helpful and would only add that it is..

    • Suggestion of mirrors for the illusion of more space and openness works well. We had a very small ha..

    • Yes, but no window up there to reflect anything. At the moment, I keep the door to the 'eaves space'..

    • Make sure he has insurance or anyone you may get to undertake the work you are looking to have done...

    • @Sk... - very good point, I never think of things like that, afraid I'm a bit happy-go-lucky.

    • @Te... - thank you but still getting over the last one after 38 years.

    • @Se... -- so, you now have skylights into the roof void on the hidden side of the partition? That i..

    • /cont...If an alcove is too much work, you could create a display space behind the window -- paint i..

    • it is possible to re-jig your supports into a new configuration to make access easier but it needs t..

    • I know if I go ahead with this I will be spending quite a bit and am prepared for that. Unfortunatel..

    • @Se... I have had work done through an insurance claim, what a load of cowboys. Ceiling repair, pla..

    • I know, you can never be sure who you're getting, we had a problem like that via insurance company w..

    • Well, builder has been. Knew before I said anything what I was thinking, i.e., take out those struts..

    • Is this the builder you have used before @Se...?

    • How did you find him, when I found a builder I could work with I asked for 6 phone numbers of previo..

    • @Vi... - no!

    • Dare I say Facebook? Only wanted to find out if load -bearing wall and received the whole kaboddel.W..

    • My builder can be a good source but not Checkatrade, I have found.

    • Had a bad experience with Checkatrade and wouldn't use them again. Most builders 'pull in' other tra..

    • I agree Selsey, many all work together. It would worry me if I found a builder who is not booked up ..

    • I was very lucky last year when I moved, all bathroom people were booked months in advance (no bathr..

    • @Se... good idea

    • @Se... was it Kevin from the Chatterton Road area?

    • @Ve..., no, Dave from Bromley!

    • Heard checker trade not useful for getting quality.

    • Always liked my sister-in-law's hall. She had glass bricks to get some light. Maybe you could make u..

    • Finally managed to get someone round to look at my little landing. Apparently I need two steels, an ..

    • Bit more involved than you thought, better to be safe than sorry. Would you like some candles 🤔🤔🤐😔 s..

    • Might need them, thanks! To be honest, I still don't think it needs all that, not looking for an ext..

    • @Se... - ummm, about five figures? 😁

    • What you have already may be the limit of what can be done without major work. If you are modifying ..

    • /cont... As it was, when we were selling, most buyers weren't happy with the loft conversion (and it..

    • What about Peters first suggestion of making a window in the wall to let light through from skylight..

    • Good idea Viv, in my old house there was a section of clear see though roof tiles which let in a lot..

    • @Ve... Agree with you. Lots of people unemployed. Maybe the government should have more centres for ..

    • @Pe... - probably in a condemned property then already! Can only say that neighbour's s/d property ..

    • One suggestion / idea. Have you looked on the Bromley planning portal? Just put in your post code an..

    • @Ve... - well, what a site! Lots going on down here - I'll be some time looking, thanks.

    • I got some good ideas for my kitchen extension and I used a private Building Control company, much q..

    • @Ve... - had a quick look, all for large side/rear extensions and quite old. I'll press on (for now)..

    • we have used these guy to get an estimate on line before very actuate https://rightnowloftconversion..

    • Thanks for that, Terry, will have a look. Another photo of what I'm trying to describe - this is the..

    • Selsey, you should put this on the bromley ex-sreetlife site with these photos. There is a very good..

    • @Ve... - have just done that - you can look to see if I've worded correctly!

    • Looks good to me, lets wait and see

    • Watch this space!

    • Wow!! Did you find a builder or a loft specialist?

    • I'll confess all when finished (maybe).

    • R bad as that, I hope not .

    • Now done except for the finishing touches which will probably never happen. Also have a door to the ..

    • Really pleased you have got it done and fast too. Looks great!.

    • Thanks - highly embarrassed though as made a mistake on online banking and haven't been able to pay ..

    • @Se... Been there done that. Totally understand. Managed to pay myself with a bacs transfer.

    • Looks great, well done.

    • @Vi... - after long phone call with bank, finally been able to pay the bill. Indian lady (I think), ..

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