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  • TerryS @TerryS Purbrook updated 3 months ago

    Leicester Is Turning All of Its Bus Stops Into Green Roof Pollinator Gardens for Bees

    • @Te... How lovely to get some good news - badly needed. (Though it occurs to me that there will be ..

    • @Di... and @Te... - really good to hear and see. I don't think the grass/flower roof tops would be..

    • @Li... The article says wildflowers and sedum. If the soil is low in nutrients it will favour wildfl..

    • Lots of people moaning about this idea on another site I'm on - dangerous etc etc. Some people just ..

    • Lovely idea. While waiting for bus one can watch butterflies and other insects.

    • @Le... We need more of it, especially in areas where there are no grass verges.

      Verges around my..

    • @Le... Oh dear, just as I thought . . . I suppose some people are anticipating maddened bees attac..

    • Brent Council set aside an area of my local park three years ago for wildflowers - while the floweri..

    • @Di... Yes, spot on - same people who are moaning about verges not being mown, bin collections bein..

    • @Le... Huge whingefest about GPs on my local NextDoor recently - one person said a friend had real..

    • If the grass is never cut it will gradually end up as grass and not much else.

    • I really liked this planting in France that I saw a couple of years ago. Semi-wild but very effectiv..

    • @Di... I didn't see your links, but I do agree, verbally abusing the people we need to stay in work..

    • I often scatter wildflower seeds on the verges around here. We're allowed to do that in Redbridge. I..

    • Good for Leicester! I do wish that London would do this, but suspect that Transport for London has t..

    • @Di... Clear Channel is an advertising company and, no doubt, that is how the green rooves are paid..

    • @Te... That's what I thought, when I looked at the illustration.

      I found JC Decaux the last time ..

    • @Di... It would be worth putting pressure on J C Decaux by including them in any campaign.

    • @Li... Absolutely (cuts in council budgets) but even when that is pointed out it makes no difference..

    • @Te... No doubt, although since they're only contractors, they wouldn't have the authority to do th..

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Save The Planet

This planet is dying and we are all acting too slowly. Thoughts, debates & suggestions on how we can act FAST and attempt to save the planet.

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