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    Last Night At The Proms

    Hi everyone.
    Someone on the above thread said remainer groups were acting aggressively while handing out EU flags at the above event. I had several friends from the Romford are that were there and they say it was all very friendly and there was no bad behaviour at all. If anyone went could they please give an honest account of what it was really like, warts and all if necessary.
    • I saw lots of pictures and videos on twitter this morning but nothing of the "scuffles" some newspap..

    • My friend was there and said she had such s great time she would never forget it. It was such a good..

    • @Al... which "above thread" were you referring to?

    • The Last Night At The Proms, Citizen, which I put on the local community part of SL. Im sure you wil..

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    • I dont know how to Catherine, but if you type in the name of the thread in the box with a Q at the t..

    • https://www.scooploop.com/loop/thread/slug/last-night-at-the-proms/

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