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  • Last Night At The Proms

    How lovely to see all the patriotic promenaders waiving their EU flags on TV last night. It really did go a long way to restore my faith in human nature.
    • They tried to use the proms as a prop for their political views just as they did last year, I went a..

    • Was you equally outraged at the at the singer waving the rainbow flag Tina, or is it just decent peo..

    • All promoted by the BBC , which is funded by public money.

      Imagine that the other way round?

    • I dont think thats fair Sam. The BBC give just as much publicity to far-right extremists like Johnso..

    • They really don’t though do they.? Look at the average panel for question time.

      I was looking for th..

    • I thought Farage has been on QT more than anyone else

    • Sams correct, the remain supporters outnumber Brexiteers by a margin of two to one on QT. I dont kno..

    • Emily Thornberry shouldn't be on Question Time too much as she's not sure if she's staying or going...

    • Farage 32 Ken Clarke 31

    • Just read a typical comment “Catherine, from Ealing, voted 'Leave' because she was worried her sons ..

    • To be fair Emily Thornberry has always been a staunch remainer, and Diane Abbot has a medical condit..

    • Can't stand any comedians being on Question Time.

    • Fransesca Martinez is also a disability campaigner.

    • The reason Remainers outnumber Leavers on Question Time is because the BBC is totally biased point p..

    • I do know that.

    • I was disgusted that our beloved Last Night AT the Proms being used that way by stupid remainers......

    • We all know the remain support will win in the end

    • Don't be so sure about that Terry.

    • Why not

    • Be interesting what David Cameron has to say on TV tomorrow (ITV 8 pm)

    • Dee, I had some very good friends handing out EU flags yesterday, and they are far from stupid, unli..

    • boring Alan change the record

    • Boring maybe Dee, but the reality is that people like you are supporting something that is putting s..

    • I am also ill Alan, I just dont go on about it.

    • Like I said I was at the proms last night the people that were trying to push the flags into your ha..

    • Tina, I know some of the people that were offering EU flags and they are neither aggressive or moron..

    • I think the morons Tina mentioned may have been from UKIP who were handing out Union Jacks paid for ..

    • You are in complete denial Alan all the time and as you weren't there anyway, how can you comment?

    • Alan, I didn't mention morons!

    • I was just scrolling through the previous comments thinking - Jane didn't say that

    • "Morons" isn't a word I use ! I would describe them as highjackers.

    • Sincere apologies Jane, I should have said Tina, and I will now change my mistake.

    • I can assure you Alan that the people pushing flags onto people were wearing blue berets with yellow..

    • I have just posted on the South London Friends Of Europe group in this site asking if anyone went to..

    • Are you saying that I am not honest and a liar Alan.

    • That’s exactly how it reads Tina. “Checking up” on you and your story.

    • Why shouldn't I check-up on a post I believe to be wrong Sam?

      Anyway, I have been doing some resear..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • Fiona so all drugs we need will not be effected by Brexit

    • Fiona has a very good point and her post was scary but Brexit is still a major problem with regards ..

    • I don’t understand. Where was drugs V Brexit mentioned in my post Terry? It’s all academic anyway if..

    • Fiona I thought you said Brexit is the least of our problem. It definitely not if you have certain m..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • Ok Dave. Point taken.

    • Perhaps a post about a flu outbreak should be on a separate post , unless there is a link to the EU ..

    • According to Prof Andrew Goddard there is a link Terry between the possible consequences and a no-de..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • Fiona -Prof Goddard and other doctors' leaders warned the prime minister about the risks of a no-dea..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • Fiona take Daves advice your out of our depth

    • Alan after all these facts now out why do so many just put their heads in the sand

    • Just to annoy you Terry..........

    • Terry. How dare you suggest that I’m out of my depth. When it comes to scientific matters, I am extr..

    • Fiona this far from a scientific matter, explain why you posted this on this thread about the last n..

    • it's quite simple Terry/Alan - even i understand Fiona's post and why she put it on here

    • why then what is the link? "t’ts an inevitability they say so people shouldn’t be bothered about Bre..

    • Sigh

    • Double sigh. Perhaps I should take another 5 months off here if I could guarantee being around.

    • Triple sign

    • My work colleagues and members of my family speak with many Oncologists every month and they are all..

    • And the link with that and a pandemic flu is ?

    • Link is :-Brexit will harm many Cancer patients as well as many that require the flu jab.

    • And so it starts all over again.........

    • Fiona, I didn't misunderstand the meaning of your post at all, but because my wife has such a low im..

    • No more from me on this subject as usual Batman & Robin have taken over, the original subject was ab..

    • Dee you are right yes the Eu flag , still have it in my car like millions do here in uk

    • It’s obvious that my post has still gone over Terry and Alans heads. I need to post it in the MSL gr..

    • What an arrogance post.

    • Pot kettle black

    • Fiona please go and do that.

    • see you there Fiona

    • Mrs R needs to have a look why I don’t know she hardly ever posts like to read the plumbers comments..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • Why should Terry be careful Dave, and what was wrong with his last post?.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • Alan a typical high and mighty post from the amateur plumber, Dave you need to just play in your MLS..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • Dave I have eaten in Waldorf but never stayed ,have you?

    • Dave you need to dig deeper you never know who is who

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • What’s the spec mpg 0-60 etc

      What is it supposed to compare golf gti I ?

    • I would have loved to have had a decent kind person like Terry as my dad in preference to someone wh..

    • Dave is it a 69 plate then

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • I dont know anyone called Waldorf so cant really comment.

    • Are they not the same person? Can’t be two like it surely?

    • Who calls themselves Waldorf ?I just know the hotel and salad ,and as for Fiona she came on here lik..

    • You try so hard to be offensive and make provocative comments Terry, there’s one thing you haven’t c..

    • 3.....2......1......just waiting for the other one to pipe up that he is very interested in Terrys c..

    • Sam please explain the bet and tells us all what I laired about or just shout up

    • Shout up 😂 why ? You struggling with your hearing ole fella ? 😊

    • Typical no answer pathetic woman

    • We all know the details Terry.

      Very sexist remark by the way . Took you months to realise I was a w..

    • Actually Sam i know loads of people that really like Terry because he comes across as caring, unlike..

    • Alan not worth wasting your time she comes on here stating things from the post but can’t back them ..

    • Hilarious 😂

    • How strange that Sam thinks Terrys post is hilarious because I know many people that log onto this s..

    • Sam acts likes a 5 yr old

    • Once again Terry....... if you think I’m a young girl, why send me direct messages?

    • A silly women that’s acts like a 5 year old very sad

    • Show us all the message I sent

    • I’ve posted them before.

      Unlike you I don’t feel the need to endlessly repeat myself.

    • You are right I need to repeat my self as you are so bloody thick it’s unbelievable

    • Nasty nasty “man”


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