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  • Laptop suddenly stopped working following a shower...! :-(

    Niche @Niche Palmers Green updated 8 months ago

    I spilled half a glass of water right across my laptop keyboard and it suddenly stopped working.
    The water has gone through the keyboard, through the machine and, upon moving the laptop, the thick tablecloth was soaking wet.
    I have put it in the airing cupboard to dry in the hope it may recover, but a couple of hours later, still no charge or function.
    The battery light comes on but it is not charging from mains - I've tried changing fuse but still no luck.
    I want to know if there is any hope of recovering this machine naturally or should I just give up and buy another - it is an essential tool for my work, so I need to make a balanced decision...
    ...I tried shopping online for a new laptop but the prices are not only extortionate but they are only available online (as expected) and ...worst of all...out of stock for those that I selected as possible purchases.
    If I can find a way of resuscitating this machine, it would be a relief, so any ideas or solutions please.

    • Take the battery out and dry it separately or it may create electrolytic corrosion on the motherboar..

    • airing cupboard put laptop in a bag of rice

    • bury it in a large bag of rice asap

    • @Ni... when my friends phone got dunked, left it in rice for 24hrs to extract the moisture.That work..

    • you can still eat it afterward if you care

    • If there is a generous water spill on a laptop and you are an IT person, who can disassemble that la..

    • if its a newish laptop wont have a hard disk as such

    • Thanks all for your comments; the serious ones are informative and the trivial ones made me laugh! I..

    • @Ni... Make it a rule to put all liquid on a little table beside you. Any one here gets a "mouthful"..

    • The hard drive is probably one of the more resilient parts of your laptop and is likely to be recove..

    • @Lo... Thanks Lonicera; I had just put the water next to me because I was about to start a 5 hour..

    • @Cl... Thanks Clive, that is quite reassuring to learn.

    • @Ni... always, always have an external drive constantly backing up everything then if something goes..

    • @Di... Yes, absolutely crazy, as I have so many external drives designed just for that, though, ri..

    • @Ni... a Mac really is very easy to use . . .

    • @Di... Will I be able to read, edit and work on existing windows ms office (mainly word and excel)..

    • Diana, I have just answered my own question. I recalled exchanging a number of various drafts of a l..

    • @Ni... I've bought various stuff from this company and they say their warehouse is doing next-day de..

    • @Ni... And here's a page for Mac beginners - advice incl..

    • @Di... Many thanks for these links and suggestions, most useful. I have decided to go for a brand ..

    • I have managed to remove the hard drive from my damaged Lenovo laptop.Here's a picture.

    • I've attached the HD to the docking station and connected it to my desktop.Here's a picture.It seems..

    • I have a feeling that your problem is about folder permissions. You need to reclaim your folder owne..

    • I hope you get yourself sorted soon, Niche - I know how stressful it is when you're self-employed wi..

    • @Di... Thanks Diana, it isn't much fun, is it, and carries consequences. I'm on my way to getting ..

    • @Di... ctd I was wondering, based on your experience of using Apple products, if I could ask your ..

    • Hi Niche – I used to get the three-year Applecare for about £100 when I bought a new Mac, but I can'..

    • As for accidental damage, I suppose if you will be taking your laptop out and about a lot it might b..

    • @Di... Thanks Diana, your response is much appreciated and I have had a chance to mull over it. I ..

    • Glad to be able to help, Niche. NB depending on which Mac you're buying you might get a longer guara..

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