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  • Join Thames Valley Police As A Detective Constable

    Join Thames Valley Police As A Detective Constable
    If you have a degree you can now join Thames Valley Police’s direct to Detective Constable entry programme - register your interest here

    Following the success of our 2020 programme, Thames Valley Police is again opening recruitment for our direct to detective pathway called the Detective Constable – Degree Holder Entry Programme, or Detective-DHEP for short.

    This entry route allows those with a degree to complete a two-year graduate diploma focused on developing their skills to investigate serious and complex crimes.

    The force is looking to recruit 38 new Detectives during 2021/22 using the new Detective-DHEP entry route.

    Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Thames Valley Police, Detective Superintendent Ailsa Kent, said: “Thames Valley Police is delighted to offer this entry route into policing for a second year. If you are a degree holder with the desire to provide high quality service to the public, the determination to see an investigation through from start to finish and the compassion to work with victims and witnesses to bring offenders to justice, then this is the career for you."

    “By opening up this route to becoming a detective the intention is that we will attract a range of candidates who bring with them a variety of different life experiences which will further enhance our response to criminal investigations.”

    Attracting Difference
    Launched originally in 2020, 2021 has seen 25 people join Thames Valley Police via the Detective-DHEP pathway. Over 60% of these new recruits were women and 21% came from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

    Over 70% were over the age of 26, with our oldest recruit in their early 50’s which highlights that policing is continuing to attract people from diverse backgrounds and experience including those from the military, finance, education, planning, civil engineering, retail, travel and leisure sector and marketing industries.

    Student Detective Constable Michael Hopcroft, 27, joined the force’s first Detective-DHEP cohort in July 2021. He recently completed week 9 of a 21-week initial training phase.
    He said: “Previously I spent four years in the travel industry as a flight attendant. During the pandemic I was furloughed and began to consider other opportunities. Times were uncertain, so I took a delivery job. One evening I was out delivering groceries and ended up being first on the scene to a traffic accident; I helped administer first aide until the emergency services arrived. Once they did, I was in awe of the professionalism and teamwork – the police co-ordinated the response and I knew then that I wanted to pursue a policing career, helping others when they are unable to help themselves.

    “The Detective DHEP itself was a new and exciting entry route that caught my attention. When I saw it was offered by TVP I considered that a massive bonus and applied. The sheer size of the force and opportunities to move around and develop my skills really appealed.
    “I didn’t realise at the time the variety of skills I have honed and gathered through my differing roles would lead me to where I am today, but every experience shaped and prepared me for policing with TVP.”

    Who are we looking for?
    We encourage interest from candidates from a variety of backgrounds who are eager to pursue a career in investigation.
    Candidates must hold a degree or be in the final year of their study in order to be considered for this programme.
    We are keen to attract those with transferable skills and work experience from other professional backgrounds to consider a policing career.
    Applicants who consider themselves as inquisitive, observant, tenacious, methodical, dedicated, resilient, and who aspire to take ownership of their careers should consider the Detective DHEP programme.

    How to Apply
    Applications for the Detective-DHEP programme will open on Wednesday 15 September, with all interested candidates required to register their interest on the force’s Detective DHEP talent bank, which will remain open until Wednesday 22 September. A link to the application will be sent to all those who express interest.

    The first cohort of 19 student detectives are due to join the force in Summer 2022, and a further cohort of 19 planned for Autumn 2022.

    For those with a degree who would prefer to follow a Police Constable route in, TVP offers the Police Constable Degree Holder Entry Programme (PC-DHEP).

    For those who do not currently hold a degree qualification, Thames Valley Police offers the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship entry programme (PCDA).

    More information about our entry routes into policing is available at www.tvpcareers.co.uk/police-officer
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