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  • Jesy Nelson blackfishing row

    The story so far.
    Former Little Mix singer, who is white, goes solo and releases a song. The video features Nicki Minaj and P. Diddy who are both black.
    Current Little Mix singer Leigh-anne Pinnock, who is black, accuses Jesy of Blackfishing because she looks overly tanned in the video.
    Jesy explains that she has recently been on holiday to Antigua and she does tan very easily.
    The woke handwringers join in the blackfishing accusations.
    Jesy and Nicki go on Instagram live and Nicki defends Jesy and says that Leigh-annes accusations are purely down to jealousy because Jesy has a song in the top 40 and Little Mix don't. It is a bit of a rant with a few swear words.
    For some reason Charlene White from Loose Women gets involved and has a go at Jesy, saying that after Nicki's rant, she should have jumped to the defence of Leigh-Anne. Like she forgot it was Leigh-anne that started the row.
    The latest I read tonight is now the Woke lot have lost the blackfishing argument they are now accusing Jesy of mixedfishing. That is trying to look mixed race based on how curly her hairstyle is.

    One of the black women commentators on GB News says there is no such thing as a single black culture. it is many cultures.

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