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    Michael B @MichaelB1 Orpington updated 4 days ago

    I finally know someone who has Covid. Neighbours about 10 doors down. Husband is in hospital with Covid, his wife came out of the house today as I was walking by to tell me. She is waiting for her test result.
    I was going to get my flu vaccine.

    • I do hope you kept a good distance away from her!

    • I made a point of taking a step back.

    • @Mi... She should stay indoors, away from people, until she gets the all-clear. Still, I'd avoid..

    • @Mi... unfortunately it turns out that the wife of my friend that died last weekend has also tes..

    • @Ro... Poor lady :-(

    • @Ro... let's hope she recovers very soon. She has the advantage of being female, so less chance of ..

    • My step family have it and my son’s family are not well and waiting for their test results.

    • @Ro... - how awful for her, especially now she's on her own. I totally feel for her.

    • Sorry didn’t read back , I feel so sorry for anyone on their own with the virus.

    • Another friend is arranging the funeral, which she is unlikely to be able to attend now. Be careful ..

    • My brother is having his first vaccine jab today.

    • @An... Due to their medical conditions, and her age, my brother and our mum will be having their vac..

    • @Ro... so sorry to hear about your friend’s passing and now his poor wife. My Father is 90 and had ..

    • @Ro... Sorry to read about your friend and hope his wife can make a full recovery.

    • @Mi... Thank you and Thank You Selsey, Orchid, Charlotte and Hatty for your kindness and good wi..

    • @Ha... unfortunately she is now in hospital 😢

    • Hopefully that's the best place to be in her situation.

    • @Se... that’s where her late husband caught it. She is petrified .

    • @Ro... Poor lady, I refused to go to hospital for blood tests. My step granddaughter caught it ther..

    • @An... Unfortunately she is asthmatic so it is affecting her breathing. Praying for a good outcome n..

    • @Ro... I agree it is a total mess, obviously people aren’t keeping to the rules. My son phoned me a..

    • Sad news to report - neighbour about 10 doors down has now died from Covid 19.

    • It certainly is hitting home. My friends partner has died, 2 of my friend’s family have died, my ste..

    • Sorry to hear that, Michael. I'm getting really worried now ( I'm not usually a worrier) as it's jus..

    • @An... it's awful, soon everyone will know of somebody who's lost their life. Next week will be grim..

    • @Ha... They're seems to be Covid fatigue amongst some at a time when the virus is at it's deadliest.

    • @ma... Yes, human nature, I suppose to become accustomed to a threat, then ignore it. 'Out of sight,..

    • My son has said that our strain has arrived in Spain and he fears another serious lockdown. Their sa..

    • Even China is locking down again just to reduce a few dozen cases-

    • There's a woman I see on the bus at least 2 or 3 times a week. So ignorant. Probably in her 50s. Alw..

    • @Mi... stay indoors and avoid her!

    • I try to spend less time outdoors

    • @Mi... Avoid shops if you possibly can, too.

    • @Ha... Good advice Hatty. Internet shopping is so easy I think its possible I will still be doing it l..

    • @Al... I used to get a lot online anyway (no car, back injury) but I'd pop into local shops. Superma..

    • Decided things were at the point where I didn't want to go to Supemarket if I didn't need to. Delive..

    • Deliveries are difficult to find atm. Try and

    • I've just done my once-a-week shop in Sainsburys - honestly hardly anyone in there and plenty of stu..

    • Switched the television on this afternoon and JB was questioned about virus. Was asked why we always..

    • @Lo... At least we're ahead of most countries with the vaccination efforts. My daughter thinks it..

    • Yes, only Israel ahead of us in terms of vaccinations per 100,000

    • Yes, it's much better than the disaster test and trace system.

    • @Ha... I hope ahead is true. Heard of one residential home where in my opinion it could have been bett..

    • well my brother is the newest family member to have covid. he literally lives out in the sticks with..

    • 120 staff 4 have it 12 off self isolating highest yet

    • @Da... - hope it doesn't get any worse for him, especially being so isolated and on his own. Wishing..

    • @Te... it is very worrying, one of our staff and her husband caught it from their son who got it at..

    • A family I know have all tested positive. The really alarming thing is just how 'invisible' it is. T..

    • My friends daughter, a nursary nurse, has it. A baby in the nursery has it also. All this is Boris J..

    • @Ja... Our government certainly has a lot to answer for. To be fair, though, the public who ignore ..

    • Sadly I read that this latest rise is also due to people ignoring the rules at Christmas time.

    • @An... Around Christmas time, from our kitchen window, I could only see long periods of darkness fro..

    • @Or... was that because people were away?

    • @ma... In London, it was tier 4 at Christmas time, people were suppose to stay at home, not go away ..

    • @Or... as I feared. Clearly many ignored or " interpreted" the rules.

    • @ma... we saw the same, visitors cars outside neighbours houses, some stayed for 2-3 days.

    • I drove to my daughters on Christmas day in the next village as I am in her support bubble. The traf..

    • @Or... There were a lot of obvious Christmas get togethers here. (Yes, you do notice visitors' cars..

    • @Da... I'm in my mum's support bubble, but I wouldn't make my visits sociable ones because my husban..

    • @Or... totally understand that! It’s scary. Since last March I have stayed away from people as my d..

    • @Da... Everyone has to consider the risks factors, it'll differ with each individual circumstance, w..

    • @Or... totally agree with you. Even when the guidelines relaxed in the summer we kept away from eve..

    • What does 'Covid safe' really mean anyway? 'Low risk' would be a much better term.I've stayed away f..

    • @Ha... that is really puzzling how she contracted it.

    • @ma... We have two theories: First, she may have caught it from food deliveries (although she was ve..

    • Demonstration showed that virus can travel further than 2 m. IMO in windy weather it could be a long..

    • And yet my sister's parents-in-law in a care home both with numerous health issues both tested posit..

    • Interesting article about "asymptomatic"

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