• Lucy Krizan @LucyKrizan Leytonstone - 3y

    International Fullbody motion class SATURDAY 9.30am via ZOOM

    Hello peeps!

    My name is Lucy and I am a resident of our beautiful Richmond Road in Leytonstone, along with my husband :-)
    I am a Fitness trainer, Personal trainer, Life coach, basically person with a honest passion for a healthy and fitness lifestyle. I have decided to do an International online class tomorrow 9.30am via ZOOM. If anyone would be interested to join me, I will be so pleased! My contact details are lucykrizan@gmail.com, instagram account: lucykrizan or my website www.trainfitstyle.co.uk, and I will send you tomorrow morning the invitation link.

    I have started to run the online classes just for fun to keep my clients motivated, but recently I have discovered there is something about that, as I enjoy it more and more. Love keeping people motivated and smiled, despite the fact we are forced to be at home.

    I will be looking forward to seeing you whoever will decide to join me! Also if anyone would need any kind of advice in terms of health&fitness lifestyle, let me know! We all need to be focused now mainly on our health and mental strength, and there is no more beautiful way than through the right lifestyle direction.

    Trust my vibes, it's real...
    web: www.trainfitstyle.co.uk
    phone: 07 415 096 743

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