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  • DIANA W @DianaW Dalston updated 1 month ago

    International afforestation

    This guide to how many hectares of trees have been planted in recent decades looks encouraging. Obviously the planet still needs massively more to be planted, but it's a start....
    • I've just noticed a tiny baby oak tree growing in the middle of my grass, I do have an oak tree so m..

    • @Di... I cannot make that slider work!! But its really good to know it`s happening! TY for posting ..

    • Yes, it's good news although it will take few years before new trees sequester a significant amount ..

    • I was going to post an article about a massive reforestation programme in South Korea but it said th..

    • I've now found the answer and it's complicated!


    • @Le... How odd-I`d thought I`d read just the opposite,that younger trees give it out whilst growin..

    • @Le... Well done.However you found it, you got the answer!!

    • @Le... Isn't it just! I followed the argument (I think) but that loan analogy made it unnecessaril..

    • @Kr... Tree seedlings are unable to photosynthesise and release oxygen until they are large..

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Save The Planet

This planet is dying and we are all acting too slowly. Thoughts, debates & suggestions on how we can act FAST and attempt to save the planet.

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