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    Incels - a new terror threat to the UK? (BBC News)

    This SL page is from the BBC News feed. It is an important read for anyone who has not heard the term 'incel', or has but hasn't realised what it means or its growing importance. This was ultimately the motivation behind the Plymouth shooting.

    • @Pe... I have to say that I've been thinking about this problem today as well.

      In my day we used ..

    • One can only hope it doesn't encourage others who didn't know of it to join.

    • @Se... The problem is, he found out about it, hence someone to blame for his continued virginity.

    • Why would he be on the police watch list if he's only been in trouble for the minor assault...let's ..

    • @De... - I think you are right in that there must be more to it than that. Just being 'frustrated',..

    • @Se... - that is a worry, of course, but it could apply to almost anything newsy. Do the news chann..

    • @Jo... I think the police do a good job, not blaming them at all, when the chips are down, they..

    • So he was a miserable git who couldn't get a girlfriend. I wonder if he ever considered that being s..

    • The trouble is, the Internet and social media are allowing such 'miserable gits' to organise themsel..

    • @Pe... You are absolutely right on all counts. I doubt this guy had a moral compass as he wasn't gi..

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