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  • Inaudible incoming landline calls after changing broadband etc provider

    DIANA W @DianaW De Beauvoir Town updated 11 months ago

    I changed broadband (and therefore landline) providers last week but I haven't been able to hear an incoming call ring on any of the handsets since then. I installed the new provider's microfilters on the telephone sockets in place of those I'd been sent by Plusnet in the past. All the handsets are properly connected and safely on the hook.

    Friends and tradesmen who've tried to call me at home have told me about their unsuccessful calls but the changeover seems to have stopped incoming landline calls from ringing properly in the house. At most, there's once or twice been a very tiny single beep - which isn't audible unless I'm right beside a handset.

    Does anyone have any ideas about what might be going wrong here and how I can cure this problem, please?

    • Get on to your new provider and report it, if they don't fix it within the first 30 days most provid..

    • @Di..., do you not have a mobile phone? - that would be the first thing to try (you can test callin..

    • Not really the same thing but , my home phone is supposed to make and receive texts - it did when i ..

    • Thanks so much for the prompt technical advice. It's invaluable, as always, being able to pick your ..

    • It's usual to get a 30 day period from connection day to reject the installation if it does not come..

    • My story may help. I am a Plusnet user but my phone line is with BT. About a month ago My phone stop..

    • It's a kind thought but our circumstances are too different for this to be feasible. As you take you..

    • Just contact your provider and inform them there is a problem.......and they will get a BT engineer ..

    • I did that yesterday. They've just agreed that swapping back the microfilters would be the best step..

    • You know what to do.....disconnect the house wiring (the bit you are responsible for) connect a phon..

    • Easier than that, I just swapped one of the old microfilters for the new one in the master socket, t..

    • You can have a new master socket fitted with a microfilter fitted, your broadband must be connected ..

    • That sounds like you're sorted then?!

      I don't know enough about phone wiring to be able to say what..

    • Yes, thank goodness, Peter.The new microfilters do look slightly different from the old ones; less b..

    • Yes, you can also buy third-party faceplates for the master socket which contain better quality comp..

    • Interesting.... I hadn't realised that the cable wasn't integral to the router. Or maybe it is, with..

    • At the risk of generalising, I would think that more expensive routers will certainly use a socket r..

    • How does one ensure that a better router of one's own is compatible with the particular provider's s..

    • Honestly, I don't know.

      I bought a Netgear router to replace the one provided by BT. (The wifi signa..

    • Most providers supply their 'own' router which is usually a standard router made by someone else but..

    • I can quite believe that, Clive, but don't know whether it applies to 'most'. BT and Sky, in particu..

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