Group: Accidental vegetarians

  • If you’re a pancake addict like me...

    Sadly I don’t have a picture because I ate them too fast to take one 🙈 but I have a great recipe for pancakes without eggs and if I say so myself, they’re the best ones I’ve ever made!

    2 tbsp of plain flour (give or take depending on how much mixture you want)

    2 tbsp of sugar

    half a mug full of milk (I use oat milk)

    one banana

    Mix all together and start cooking! I didn’t measure my ingredients too full because I usually hate following recipes so I did a little guessing.

    hope you enjoy!

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Accidental vegetarians

Do you go to a restaurant and realise that you always go for the vegetarian option? Share all your great veggie/vegan recipes to help inspire others to cook more and get inventive with their meals. (meat eaters are welcome)

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