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  • I have had enough - Goodbye

    Ray P @RayPro Thorpe St Andrew updated 6 months ago

    It may or may not be disappointing to some people to know that I have decided to leave this group, but I am sick and tired of the constant criticisms and purile remarks about things that have nothing to do with anyone else but me.

    Okay... So I like dressing-up in ladies clothes. So what? And, my culinary tastes might seem strange to some people... but I have particular penchant for cucumbers. Which brings me to the matter of my sexual preferences, which I know might seem strange to some people, but group sex with dwarfs, midgets, and pygmies is only a ‘small’ perversion compared to the other matter...

    And the magistrate was particularly understanding when I explained that running naked through our local park wearing my ex wife’s underwear on my head and brandishing a dildo in each hand is an ancient pagan custom and...

    Oh shit! Wrong group! Bugger
    Please ignore all of the above...

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