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    Hydrogen from seawater

    I'm useless at science but almost everyone knows the chemical formula for water. And, with global warming leading to rising sea levels, there's increasingly too much seawater. So I wondered what progress was being made towards making hydrogen from seawater - and there have been encouraging studies, although whether the methods they've developed can be scaled up to industrial production levels is another matter. It sounds like a better approach than making 'blue hydrogen' from gas, though.
    See what you think of these ideas:
    • It's fairly straight forward to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. I did this as a science experi..

    • The amount you'd need to process would be very small compared to rising sea levels

    • Another aspect of this is that hydrogen atoms come in three types. For the technically minded there'..

    • I looked at the link you posted - This refers to a slightly different process where bacteria eat the..

    • Corrected third link from OP (initial 'h' is missing):


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