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  • How to tell if an Email is genuine

    Boots @Boots Dagenham updated 11 months ago

    I have had an email supposedly from Firefox about my wanting to leave that browser - which I don't and have never indicated that i do.
    Could this be a scam ?

    • I think you've answered your own question, Boots!Scammers are getting more canny these days.What did..

    • @Bo... In a word...YES!!!! Ignore, delete, block - next! :-)

    • @Pe... - I don't know how to do that

    • @Bo... you can take a screenshot by pressing Windows logo key together with Prtsc.

      If you use Opera ..

    • I asked google and got confused by the advice and videos - firstly what is Prtsc ?Google mentioned ..

    • @Bo... Prtsc is a key on your keyboard

    • I have found the key - it is the same key as 'end' and no matter what other keys I hold down it just..

    • Are you saying you've taken the screenshot?

      You should have a new folder labelled 'screenshots' when..

    • I think you have to hold the "shift" key as well as the prtsc one together at the same time.

    • @Bo...

    • Somehow [ don't ask me how] i have now got it as a download but don't know how to post it on here

    • @Bo... that's probably because you didn't check where it was being saved, anyway, well done!

      To uplo..

    • i now have it on a clipboard - never used before but still can't post it on here

    • It says press control v to paste but nothing happens

    • But we'll still be here, making products that help protect your privacy.

      If you're not ready to say..

    • Firefox Account Team

      Thu 13/02/2020 22:24


      If you want to go... we won't stop you.

    • @Bo... what happened to your screenshot, did you not say it was saved in your downloads? From there,..

    • I did but have been mucking about with clipboard

    • @Bo... I was only asking because you asked how to upload on here, and i replied to you, was that no ..

    • No I couldn't get it from the downloads onto here or from the clipboard so i just copied and pasted ..

    • @Bo... have you not uploaded pictures on here before? It's the same process.

      Anyway, i can't repeat..

    • I do thank you for trying to help Antoinette and i am still trying to get to grips with ut as micros..

    • Don't throw it out of the window. Try and persevere. It is useful to know how to upload screenshots.

    • I was waiting until I got the desired result and would then say thanks to everyone, so far I'm even ..

    • Another suggestion, Boots, if you are using Firefox, you can take a screenshot very easily. You can ..

    • I've got it on the clipboard Peter but can't paste it

    • @Pe... further up this thread, Boots says she's also got it saved in her downloads folder but doesn..

    • Thanks to everyone who tried to help me out in this quest but as I have spent hours trying all the m..

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