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  • How to remove and copy and delete hard drive disks on old computer and laptops

    Niche @Niche Palmers Green updated 9 months ago

    I want to throw out my old dysfunctional computer and laptops (they are not working at all) but want to remove the hard drive disks to double ensure they are not copied.

    1. How do I do remove the disks?
    2. How do I copy all the existing files?
    3. How do I delete the information from the existing disks.

    Thanks in advance.

    • See this for a PC this for a laptop https://www.yout..

    • @Ra... Thanks Ray, this looks technical. I will take a look. And it is also very useful to know I c..

    • In these days of boredom, why not just see if you can take your computer apart to the smallest bits ..

    • @Dm... Until I read to the end I thought you were suggesting "putting it all together again"

    • @Ra... Thank for information. I still have a computer from years ago. Can not remember if I had all..

    • @Dm... I thought you were joking! ;-) I am not bored, too many projects on the go! I hope you have..

    • @Lo... I'll be interested in know how you get on; I've got busy catching up with my gardening act..

    • @Ni... Will report but this project is very low on my list. I will follow the demo throw everything ..

    • @Ni... I just remembered years ago my computer help added additional memory to my computer. Maybe th..

    • @Lo... yes they can be put into a new /different PC but they would have to be additional to the m..

    • @Ni... If you need a targeted advice then you need to ask a targeted question. How about the compute..

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