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  • How long to keep financial stuff, please

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 9 months ago

    I am drowning in paperwork - used to be good at clearing but getting progressively worse. Question is how long do I need to keep bank statements, tax returns, credit card statements, utility bills, car/house insurance, sold shares, etc., etc. I see I have kept copy of a self-assessment tax return in 2010, must be useless by now?

    • Usually 2 or 3 years for me

    • I am doing the same at the moment, also realised had not sorted anything for the last 7/8 month. I k..

    • I've been told, if you are self-employed, to keep tax details for 10 years.

    • I've already emptied 3 thick files of stuff relating to old house (didn't do it before in case I nee..

    • @Bo... - I'm not though, never have been, long retired!

    • Yes 7 yrs but vat man something can go back further

    • @Se... Depends. If just food I throw them after 6 month. If items with guarantee I keep as long as ..

    • I just keep the guarantees (found a lot that are no longer applicable). Now had a satisfying hour, ..

    • 7 years is for businesses not individuals. For an individual theres not any guidelines. Its definite..

    • I don't really keep anything. I'm still, gradually. getting rid of Mum's paperwork. She kept absolut..

    • @Se... Hope you shredder does not pack up.

    • @li... Agree with you P60s are proof of taxes paid and one might need them later to claim your pens..

    • @Ha... I was a bit like you Mum. Liked the idea knowing how long I had the things but made an effort t..

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