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  • DIANA W @DianaW Dalston updated 3 months ago

    How ethical is our washing-up liquid?

    As with so many things, this issues has become vastly more complicated; see https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/home-garden/shopping-guide/ethical-washing-up-liquid?utm_source=ECRA+Monthly+Newsletter_campaign=bc939db0be-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_07_15non+subs_medium=email_term=0_9856040c29-bc939db0be-321357508 .
    It sounds as if refilling my old Ecover bottle at the local health-food cafe may no longer be the most ethical approach....
    • interesting article. Going to investigate local availability. We bought a bulk buy of something or o..

    • I can't get into this without subscribing? I buy a 5 litre (plastic) container of ecover washing up ..

    • I thought that re subscription but then realised that the article was there if you just scrolled dow..

    • @Le... thanks - will have another look.

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This planet is dying and we are all acting too slowly. Thoughts, debates & suggestions on how we can act FAST and attempt to save the planet.