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    Lonicera @Lonicera Besthorpe updated 6 months ago

    I received 3 emails confirmation of goods all ordered at the same time through Amazon from different dealers. Confirmation emails are all jumbled letters and can not be read. I used my new laptop but forgot to change my email address to new one so confirmations were send to old laptop. Should I be worried?

    • Surely it's not the laptop that's crucial but the e-mail account, which you should be able to use on..

    • @Di... Thanks for reply. A bit complicated. Old computer packed up and until I got my new laptop wh..

    • @Di... Yes it would be easy to work from new laptop if husband could remember all his passwords or ..

    • @Lo... if they are all from Amazon then surely you can goto the amazon website and see any corres..

    • @Lo... When setting up new email accounts, you must set up recovery information in case passwords..

    • @Jo... I got a new laptop with new email address, so I have to inform all my people or with trade l..

    • @Ra... Yes there is always other ways to do it--- just wanted to make sure the emails did not conta..

    • @Lo... Viruses in emails are activated by opening attachments or clicking links. How did your new..

    • @Jo... Thanks for advise. I have a little book all coded with passwords. I think I am a bit naughty..

    • Could some one please let me know if they received emails with jumbled up words? I think I panicked ..

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