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  • Community News: Healthy Japanese Food Delivery

    Good morning lovely neighbours.
    Hope you’re all saying safe and happy.

    Here is the delivery menu for this Saturday, Please pm or contact me on 07702738962 by 1pm on Friday if interested.
    I can tailor-cook your food to your likings according to your taste.
    Please inform me of any allergies/dislikes.
    Photos are samples from previous weeks.

    * Edamame (VGN, GF) £2.50
    Soybeans in pods sprinkled with Maldon sea salt

    * Prawn Crackers (GF) £2.50
    Freshly fried, served with homemade sweet chili sauce

    * Sticky Sausages £2.50
    Mini pork sausages smothered in a sauce made of honey, maple syrup, whole grain mustard, a hint of soy & ginger

    * Superfood Salad (V) £3.50
    (Ask for vegan dressing if preferred)
    Red & white organic quinoa, kale, edamame, green beans, sweet corn, lentils, pulses. Japanese shiso dressing drizzled with mayo

    * Tofu Gyoza-5pcs (V) £4.50
    Japanese dumplings filled with organic tofu, shiitake, edamame, bamboo shoot, cabbage, spring onion.
    Vinegar & soy dipping sauce

    * Wasabi Mayo Prawns £4.50
    On shredded lettuce, black sesame

    * Katsu Curry £8.50
    Japanese curry sauce with potato, carrot, garden peas, served with Japanese sticky rice
    Please choose from:
    -Chicken Katsu:
    Panko breaded chicken breast fillet
    -Fried tofu pieces (VGN)
    -Pumpkin Croquette (V)

    * Pork Yakiniku Bento £8.50
    Grilled sliced pork belly with soy & sesame sauce on Japanese sticky rice.
    With 2 sides: superfood salad & 2 pcs gyoza

    * Sweet Potato Croquette Bento (VGN) £8.50
    Black sesame, fruity Japanese brown sauce.
    With 2 sides: superfood salad & 2 pcs gyoza
    Served with Japanese sticky rice