• Happy International Programmers’ Day!

    Programmers’ Day celebrates the work of the world’s computer programmers. The day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year; a deliberate choice based on the mathematical intricacies of binary code.

    The day honors programmers around the world.There is hardly a person in the civilized world who does not benefit from the tools of the programmer. They are developing stuff we probably can’t live without nowadays. They are responsible for your mobile phoneand all cool apps you are using, the software of your computer, your browser, the social platforms and websites you are browsing, not to mention all other trendy technologies.

    Today we are celebrating the hard work and passion of our Scooploop programmers and we would like to wish them clean and bug-free code ;)

    And here are some ideas how to celebrate the day of The Programmer:

    ⌨️ 1. Educate yourself about programming
    Understanding how computers work is a great start to your programming journey.

    ⌨️ 2. Play coding games
    Playing games is a great way to build your coding skills in a fun, no-pressure way. You can find and play some of the best coding games online for free!

    ⌨️ 3. Enrol in free programming courses
    The internet is filled with great sites for free online computer programming courses. While coding games are a fun way to learn, it would be helpful for you to sign up for a programming course that will enhance your skills if you're serious about the field.

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