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  • Happy International Camera day!

    To celebrate we would like to invite you to post your favourite images below; taken by yourself or just an image you admire. Lets share our love for photography and all the memories and happiness it brings.

    So when did personal cameras first become available?Over a hundred years ago the firstcamera, the Kodak, was offered for sale and people were amazed by the invention. While the first cameras were large and bulky, each later design evolved until some cameras were as small as a pen.

    Today’s digital cameras have many features and variations, making them appealing to people of all ages for personal and professional use. The portable and easy-to-use features not only allow us to take photos quickly, but we can also edit them on the fly. Smartphones with built-in cameras include features that allow us to share photos instantly, too.

    Taking photos has become so easy. According to Business Insider, in2017, we took over 1.2 trillion digital photos! From a large boxy camera to one that fits in our pocket, cameras have come a long way! Here are some interesting camera day facts to enjoy:

    1. The word photography comes from the Greek meaning to draw with light.

    2. The first photograph ever taken was shot by a French scientist named Joseph Nicephore Niepce. The famous image took 8 hours to capture because of the long exposure needed for the camera.

    3. Some of the most popular subjects of photography in the 1800’s were corpses. Many famous individuals were photographed after their deaths, however this was not an uncommon practice for regular people too.

    4. One of the most famous photographs of the 20th century is the ,Afghan Girl.’ Pictured below. The girl in the image had no idea her photo had become famous until she was shown it in 2002!

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