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  • Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

    Countdown to the end of May bank holiday begins as we look forward to working
    that week we would all love to be working permanently; the 4 day week!
    But how did bank holidays come around & what are we celebrating with this

    First introduced in 1871 the name ‘bank’ originates as traditionally all banks
    were closed on these public holidays. Although historically bank employees were
    one of the only sectors who did not get to take the day off as a holiday. They were
    too busy using the bank holiday to work on accounts and tidy up the

    Bank holidays and public holidays are often used interchangeably and may all
    seem the same to us; an extra day off work and an extended weekend. However
    the difference is public holidays are derived from common law whereas bank
    holidays are derived from statute law.

    So with this long weekend ahead of us and the last bank holiday in the UK until
    the end of August; how are you planning to spend the extended weekend?
    According to weather reports the South of England is set to have a glorious few
    days filled with warm weather and clear skies. And I am sure you will be with me
    when I say there are not many things that can beat a warm UK summers day full
    of beer gardens, country walks and Summer fares.

    Below are some ideas as to how you can spend this weekend:

    1. The Drive in Cinema.

    Offering a unique experience with an American style drive
    in movie screen. Hosting a range of films from Godzilla to Mortal Combat this
    event has something for everyone.

    2. National Trust parks & houses.

    Many National trust properties have once again
    opened their doors to the public following the easing of restrictions.

    3. A picnic in the park.

    Gather up your supplies and head out for a day of fun in the
    sun. A picnic is always a hit with everyone and you can make a full day of it by
    taking some outdoor activities along with you.

    4. Visit Skylight.

    An amazing rooftop bar hosting a summer fare complete with
    croquet, pop-up bars and pergolas.

    5. Take a trip to the seaside.

    Make the most of the weather and head to the shore
    for a stroll along the beach and a 99 cone. Although likely to be busy over the
    bank holiday weekend it is sure to be a road trip with something for everyone.

    Whatever you decide to do and however you decide to spend your bank holiday
    be sure to make the most of it!

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