• Selsey @Selsey Hayes - updated 8mo

    Good service needs to be acknowledged!

    I purchased two wooden garden chairs from Ebay, main reason being that they were ready assembled, good price and very good reviews. Arrived last week by very helpful delivery driver who carried into garden.
    Then decided perhaps I should have ordered the lift-off table tray that can fit between the chairs and which could have been bought as a set anyway. Emailed the firm directly over weekend asking if they supplied tray separately, came back this morning and said to ring them to order. Which I did, to be told I could purchase directly on website but the tray wasn't there, only the complete set. So went back to them but problem with payment as I couldn't do a Bax(?) on mobile and they didn't take paypal or card over the phone. Anyway, long and short of it - next time they are in the area (from Stoke), will put on van and deliver for £5 and me to pay cash directly to the driver as they use their own transport. No idea when but who cares!

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