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  • Fruit scones

    Hatty H @Hat Woodford updated 10 days ago

    I can't remember if I mentioned this already - but here goes:

    After 40 odd years of regularly making/baking rounds of scones, I've recently discovered that, if you soak the dried fruit first, it doesn't burn!

    • Brilliant tip Hatty, what do you soak them in?

    • I've dried fruit, s/r flour and an egg, what else do I need. Don't dislike rock cakes either!

    • @Sh... I just poured hot water from the kettle over them, then left them for half an hour. You co..

    • @Se... rock cakes are very similar. I just like scones because they're so quick to do. I tip the mi..

    • @Ha... thanks, I've lazyitus today but fancy a rock cake - could always butter it if all else fails.

    • @Se... I've eaten way too much rich food (and far too many chocolates) so now I fancy plain things...

    • For rock cakes I make a crumble mix, add an egg and sultanas and add milk to get a just dropping con..

    • @Ja... - I think I could cope with that. Just looked in cupboard, can only find raisins which I'm s..

    • Perhaps cut raisins up a bit incase they stick out and get burnt.

    • @Ja... I shall be soaking them first!

    • @Ja... don't you have to put sugar in the mix ?

    • There used to be a very good independent bakers in the Mall, Heathway and their rock cakes were huge..

    • @Bo... A basic crumble mix is fat, sugar and flour. Preferably plain but SR fine. Yes have added gla..

    • I' m getting tempted to have a go - have not made any cakes etc. since the early 70's but then only ..

    • I've put a good heaped tablespoon of mince meat in mine instead of dried fruit, lovely flavour.

    • Would soaking my blueberries bring them back to life?

    • @Bo... - shouldn't be saying this but I do have a packet crumble mix in the cupboard, might try that..

    • Selsey - That is the only reason I was thinking of doing it

    • Have a go. I find baking quite relaxing - and you usually end up with something edible. It's strange..

    • OK - ovens at the ready tomorrow.

    • Have to try and get some cherries first and would like those sugar bits on top like you get on Bath ..

    • What gas number and for how long ?

    • Could you soak fruit in alcohol? Must do some baking soon just don't know who is going to eat it. Al..

    • @Vi... - all those workmen you have!

    • @Bo..., Bath buns! - always got them from the bakers near work - really yummy - no bakers around her..

    • Haven't managed it today. I was given a M & S Christmas floral basket - very large with a handle, to..

    • Haven't tried yet either, haven't been to shops to see if can get cherries. Done lots of house work ..

    • Even I managed to hoover today. Sometimes I surprise myself. Only one short walk, though, as it's ju..

    • Love rock cakes. You also can use caraway seeds

    • I've been out and bought the cherries but my jeans told me I shouldn't have any more cakes.

    • Just eaten 3 (flat) ones, very nice. Only trouble was the tops were getting burnt but bottoms needed..

    • Done them - all went okay until they were in the oven, then they sort of oozed and all stuck togethe..

    • @Bo... - it's a start! My newish electric oven (only use the small one which I don't think is fan-as..

    • I have had my gas cooker for almost 11 years but have never used the bottom main oven, it is just a ..

    • @Se... Is the top line for grill, the bottom for heat from below? Is there a third one with both?

    • @Ha... - I think the little oven can be the grill as elements on the top but no grill pan supplied. Th..

    • if you Google the model and make you may be able to download instructions. I am trying to do that wi..

    • Don't do that yourself! Made me feel even worse now, grown woman can't operate an oven and you're do..

    • @Vi... topping up the water pressure is simple - once you know how. Do you have the user manual some..

    • No instructions left. Have downloaded the nearest model I could find but still doesn't mention filli..

    • @Se... I still have to look at instruction when using my oven as I don't use it often ( use my halo..

    • @Vi... I know that there's a clock/timer thingy on my induction hob - but I've never had the patienc..

    • @Ha... - me too, can't even hear the oven one if I'm in another room.

    • In my last house I set my timer by accident You could programme it to come on at any time. Of course..

    • @Vi... - sometimes wonder if the world is ready for us!

    • @Vi... and @Se..., I believe things are best when kept simple. I enjoyed using my makeshift 'kitche..

    • My oven is new, has lots of settings, is self-cleaning, and can probably sing the Hallelujah Chorus ..

    • I am glad I am not the only one not understanding instructions. Usually find the demonstration on yo..

    • @Ha... I understand people are using alcohol to soak some fruit. Christmas cake?

    • @Lo... I'm sure we used to do that, then add alcohol to the cooked cake too (several times, at in..

    • Now I've moved on - to vegan pancakes, for breakfast/snacks/desserts. They go nicely with frozen ber..

    • But forget about stage 5 (transfer to plate to keep warm) just eat them while you cook the next one!

    • Oh stop please its a long time till breakfast.

    • @Vi... but I've finished all my chocolate now (except for salted caramel hot chocolate from my Chris..

    • @Ha... They look good. I've got some frozen black cherries which I think would go well.

    • Frozen fruit is very handy right now. I just defrost a bowl overnight.

    • @Le... Do you think it is economical to freeze expensive fruit rather than use tin fruit? unless o..

    • Tinned fruit I can reccomend is gooseberry. I use a couple of tins for a crumble. Can mix with stewe..

    • Love gooseberries

    • I was tempted to make a Christmas retro sherry trifle a la my mum with tinned fruit cocktail, jam Sw..

    • I still make similar. Use tinned mandarins. Proper custard.

    • @Ja... Forgotten about tinned mandarins. I can't eat the supermarket trifles, so so sweet.

    • @Lo... Not sure Lonicera - most of fruit in my freezer is from garden or picked locally. I saw th..

    • @ma... That sounds like a normal trifle to me, though swiss roll is surprisingly difficult to buy th..

    • @Le... Yes raspberries at Christmas with flaked almonds on top of cream.

    • @Le... yes but I think cooking has become a bit " poncey" over time and these traditional dishes h..

    • @ma... I lurve trifle!

    • Will you all stop --- my tongue is hanging out.Can recommend the tinned mandarines even the cheapest..

    • @ma... Fully agree with "poncey"

    • I don't like sloppy trifle. My brother made one using tinned custard and me and dad had to tell him ..

    • Has everyone joined the new cookery group?

    • Made myself a small trifle for Xmas and managed to eat it over 4 days.Chocolate Swiss roll with amar..

    • Sorry the new group is called ‘What’s cooking’

    • I thank Hatty for her tip on her fruit in her scones but this post has gone a bit off topic and has ..

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