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  • Fried eggs

    Mike @Solent_Mike Portchester updated 6 months ago

    For the last 50 years I've always had a gas cooker but as my current one is really showing its age I decided to try a portable induction hob. I'm now converted it's brilliant except for one thing - fried eggs. On the old gas cooker I used to angle the pan to get a triangular wedge shaped egg with a nice runny yolk. Is there anyway to get this effect on my new hob - I know there are silicon moulds you can use but am not keen on them

    • I can't help with the fried eggs but a friend also bought a portable 2-ring induction hob and is ver..

    • Welcome to Handy Tips Mike, I miss cooking with gas, have you tried angling the pan on the hob as yo..

    • Maybe a silicon heart?

    • I always put my egg into mostly a glass before tipping into to the pan, tend to have more control wh..

    • Sussed! 8" cake tin 1/3 filled with boiling water, frying pan can now be angled. Bit too generous wi..

    • Well, you've got more patience than I have - nice egg though!

    • Patience is a vertue, you get the results in the end.

    • Dunno what Selsey's on about, only takes a couple of minutes longer than on a gas hob, by the time y..

    • I'm just idle, especially when it comes to cooking which I hate. Dog is a bit poorly at the moment a..

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