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  • Free e-mail account badly needed

    DIANA W @DianaW De Beauvoir Town updated 11 months ago

    I've been using a version of Gmail for many years, which was custom-built for older computer users by someone who's now at AgeUK. After being ultra-reliable, it's just gone wrong, due to a problem with its web server not responding to the hosting provider - and of course there's no easy way to contact the system manager. I've just found out the hard way just how over-fragile the IT support system for that essential e-mail account really is.

    I really should have set up a replacement for my old Wanadoo e-mail, when that ceased to be provided in the UK by its final owner but - of course - I didn't get around to it because I already had an apparently reliable e-mail account that I was used to using daily. Ideally, I would get a free webmail account which automatically downloads e-mails to my computer and can collect incoming ones from this Gmail account - when that becomes possible.

    What do people recommend for this purpose, please?

    • i still use

    • i have 2 - G mail and outlook [used to be Hotmail]

    • You can have multiple Gmail accounts, and connect them together in myriad ways to gather your existi..

    • @Di... Just use a bog standard GMail account, set it to IMAP (Settings > Forwarding, see attached i..

    • ... as Mike explained!

      If you are feeling brave enough to try something a little more 'techy', Gmai..

    • @Pe... Agreed...and my screenshot above shows how to get to the Labels setting

    • Aren't you all wonderful! Thanks so much for all these helpful responses.Today didn't start off any ..

    • @Mi... How do I find the e-mail settings menu that you've screenshot, please? My Gmail account won't..

    • wow - I 'm glad I haven't got this problem, all the info has completely baffled me.

    • @Di... settings are found by clicking on the little wheel

    • As @An... showed in her screenshot, you can create labels as you need them. As you go through ..

    • @Bo... Google is your friend! :-) Seek and you will find. You type a question in AS IF YOU WERE TALK..

    • ... and here is one example - - reply to Diana from Google, where are the email settings menu in Gma..

    • @An... I always forget that that daisy icon denotes a menu! But the standard settings offered ..

    • The GMail account isn't set up through a company is it?

    • My regular Gmail account - the backup one that I don't normally use - was set up by me. The one that..

    • Diana, I am not knowledgable enough to advise you but on this site there are some who I am sure can ..

    • Me, too - as it turns out. But reliability is one thing and making them do what I need, complete wit..

    • @Di... , if you can log in to that old email account, then Google should be able to as well. It wil..

    • @Di... The owner of a GMail account) has to "Push" (Forward) messages to wherever they want them to..

    • I would dispute some of that, Mike.Google do not allow you to auto-forward email to another account ..

    • Virgin Email used to be based on gmail, or rather, an old version of gmail. At some point, they fell..

    • Just to note also, when Gmail pulls in email from an external server, its spam filters are active. I..

    • @Pe... Thank you - let me respond to your points in order I haven't implemented the auto-forward fu..

    • Definitely POP, Mike. I use it to pull in my late dad's email from the BT server associated with our..

    • OK...all mine are set to IMAP so I can read, write and delete email on any of 4 devices (2 Windows, ..

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