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  • Folder missing from outlook

    Boots @Boots Dagenham updated 8 months ago

    I cannot find a folder in my outlook account, I have just moved 3 messages to it without having to create a new folder and I know it was there because have entered tax assessments details there every year.
    How can it not be listed but when click on 'move to' it comes up and how do I find it ?

    • when you look at your directory list check the ones that have a plus sign next to them denoting it h..

    • Thanks Clive will have a look

    • No plus signs anywhere, have looked through other folders just in case but messages not there.Outloo..

    • As usual any advice from Microsoft is a load of bullshit, whatever they say doesn't work and they te..

    • type this 'how to recover deleted outlook folders' into Google Search, it will come up with several ..

    • I've tried Clive but again it tells me to go to options that don't come up

    • Although it states items in deleted will only be there for 30 days this is not right as they go back..

    • Hishe, I don't know if it will help but I was told that you can get Linux on a memory stick and star..

    • Another very recent problem is that all the incoming emails have tiny print that is unreadable

    • Hi Boots, the tiny character size is not a problem because as in my Thunderbird email application I ..

    • Strangely I have got the print in the email bigger by decreasing the overall size - Outlook is very ..

    • 6 advisory emails from Outlook, I have at last found the folder but it is empty - so where did my 'm..

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