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  • Community News: FB group for supporters of LTNs, safer streets and cleaner air. please join

    guy @Guy Wandsworth updated 21 days ago

    50% of car journeys in London are less than 2km
    Of course some people can’t cycle or walk but many can and choose not to, they’ve just become too accustomed to making those journeys by car
    we ALL need to make small sacrifices of speed and convenience to create a better, safer city.

    please join the group if you have any constructive criticism of any of the measures (and offer solutions!)

    Happy walking and cycling everyone!

    • 25 days ago

      Now nearly 70 members, less than a day old ✊🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️♥️

    • 21 days ago

      I really wish I could. but I have sever RA an other physical problems an sometimes depending one the..