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  • Fact or misconception quiz

    Here’s a straight-forward yes or no quiz. You have to guess whether each of the statements below is fact or misconception. No use of reference material or the internet of course to ensure fair play. Good luck.

    REMEMBER - NO POSTS instead you PM me with your guesses any time up to midnight tonight. If possible, please wait until you've completed all the guesses you want to make to avoid too many PMs and to make my job easier. So no hurry and it doesn't matter when you submit the answers because I'll be judging them solely on who has the most correct - and in the event of two or more being level it will be a tie. I hope this is clear and good luck. Tomorrow I’ll post the names of the top entries

    1.Tortoises can live longer than humans Fact

    2.Most people in Mexico speak Spanish as a first language Fact

    3.The whale shark is a type of whale Misconception - It’s a large shark

    4.More than 5% of people who contract Covid-19 will die from it Misconception -
    Estimates of the infection fatality rate vary, but tend to fall between 0.5% – 1%, with younger people having much lower rates

    5.David Hasselhoff was once a popular singer in Germany - fact

    6.Snakes kill thousands of people in Australia each year Misconception -
    On average, only one or two people are killed

    7.Humans evolved from chimpanzees Misconception

    8.A large percentage of the U.S. budget goes to providing aid to other countries Misconception - Foreign aid only represents about 1% of the U.S. federal budget

    9.In the western world, the average man has less testosterone than his grandfather did at the same age Fact

    10.French people drink a lot more wine than people in most other countries Fact -
    According to one study, France drinks 44 liters per person per year, more than every other country except the Vatican and Andorra

    11.The Incan Empire lasted for thousands of years before the Spanish conquest Misconception - It was only about 4 hundred years or so

    12.Based on current estimates, most of New York City will be under water by the year 2100 Misconception - It has been stated that NYC’s coastline areas could be under water by 2100 but most of the city is not near the coastline

    13.In the United States, pit bulls kill far more people than any other breed of dog Fact

    14.Fortune cookies were invented in China Misconception -They were invented by Japanese people in the United States

    15.Iceland is colder than most other European countries Fact

    16.There are actual bird nests in traditional Chinese "bird's nest soup" Fact

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Guess the sketch and other things

A group specifically designed to offer enjoyable quizzes on different subjects including identifying SuperFunGuy sketches and other drawings, pictures or photos of, for example, famous people when they were young, unusual things, animals, objects close up or distorted or from unusual angles etc so that everyone can have some fun guessing who or what is being featured.