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  • External hard drive problems

    Sarah @Sarah10 Clapham Park updated 1 year ago

    Hi - I wonder if there's anyone here who's knowledgeable about repairs...

    I have an Seagate external hard drive which admittedly is probably around 7 years old now, so a bit long in the tooth!

    I went to retrieve some files from it the other day and can no longer access it - my laptop doesn't see it - it's not coming up in the file manager when I connect it like it used to. However, the power seems to be getting to it and the red light on the front is flashing on and off.

    Tried using different power and USB cables with it to no avail so I think it's something internal.

    Are these things easy to fix? Any recommendation of someone trustworthy and not too expensive that could have a look at it for me? Obviously I have a lot of files on it I don't want to lose.

    Many thanks

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