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  • EV charging points to be made compulsory in new homes.

    Seems like a good move though not sure how easy it will be to accomplish.

    • @Le... I recently saw some new houses with the charging points at the front .

    • @Ch... -in your area?

    • @Sy... within 15 miles

    • Our neighbours have a fast charging point and are delighted with their car. I wish EVs weren't so ex..

    • There was a problem with the Tesla app over the weekend and drivers could not get into their cars. I..

    • Think this will have a massive knock-on effect for the electricity infrastructure, and you can bet t..

    • The Truth About Electric Cars (Dispatches) Channel 4 - on now.

    • @Pe... Is green hydrogen that plentiful, though? I didn't think that hydrogen was even sure to beco..

    • @Di... - there are two hydrogen atoms in every molecule of water, so the planet isn't that short of..

    • @Pe... The issue seems to be how easily, how cleanly and how affordably that water molecule can be ..

    • @Di... - I must admit I am not really up to speed with either technology, but fewer cars? Agreed! A..

    • @Pe... Local government is now trying to do that, at least in inner London.

      The planners have been..

    • @Di... "Green" electricity is needed to produce "green" hydrogen. We aren't likely to need less ele..

    • @Te... did you see the one tonight. The Electric car revolution . Winners and Losers

    • @Ch... I half watched the last few minutes.

    • @Te... watch it on the Iplayer. Elon Musk has a lot to answer for and should be made to take respon..

    • The Truth About Electric Cars (yesterday) covered the usual anxieties over range, the availability o..

    • @Te... the programme tonight was very different and showed people who have been left crippled after..

    • Sounds like the real answer is not to drive, however hard that is to swallow. And it is hard, lets n..

    • @Te... I hadn't expected us to use less electricity; far more, if anything. Now that gas prices hav..

    • @Le... Reducing the number of privately-owned cars would be a good start. For those with regular n..

    • If I still lived in London then your suggestions would make a lot of sense but living here with spor..

    • @Di... Just had a chance to read your links. The Hackney schemes seem really good. I would definite..

    • @Le... I wonder if it would be worth putting this suggestion to your own local authority, then. Th..

    • @Di... I'll give it some thought. I don't think it would benefit us directly as we live in village ..

Save The Planet

This planet is dying and we are all acting too slowly. Thoughts, debates & suggestions on how we can act FAST and attempt to save the planet. No business postings unrelated to saving the planet will be accepted and posters will be removed from the loop.