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    Lonicera @Lonicera Besthorpe updated 1 month ago

    Recent program re: storage in iCloud. They highlighted how many pictures are store and the facility uses a lot of electricity.
    One person had over 16000.

    Should we all look what we can delete?

    • Yes, we should, and I read recently that we should also stop sending emails that just say 'Thanks', ..

    • I used to have an automatic received/read reply set on emails I sent, but I assume this uses electri..

    • @Li... I'm afraid it does, yes!

    • I`ve been doing it.@Lo... I`m back to about 2014!! Guess what? I saw that very programme. `Is yo..

    • Oh dear, I've got loads of old work related stuff to delete then.

    • @Ha... best get on with it then. Not guilty here as don't know how to use it anyway!

    • So, backing up or copying onto external hard drive? Or making separate hard copies on disks? Or prin..

    • I didn't see the programme, but I did hear the calculations were done on the back of a fag packet 10..

    • @Li... You have to back things up if you use your computer for work purposes - my Mac backs up const..

    • The answer is to charge for storage, but without legislation it would be a brave company to move fir..

    • In many countries and many different spheres charging just tidies-up the useage(of whatever) of a fe..

    • There could be a reasonable free allowance which is how it used to be.

    • @Li... If you can archive essential messages onto your computer system (which should then be backed ..

    • @Di... I have Thunderbird, but it does take a long time to open as I have too many old emails, whic..

    • I use outlook express to download e-mails to my computer, but they are still in my Gmail account unl..

    • So if you have a gmail account does that mean that somewhere in gmail`s`Cloud` is every gmail email ..

    • Yes, if you don't delete them from your account. I don't know if additional backup copies are kept.

    • I have NO idea how!! Once it`s in the Cloud I have no idea anyway.

    • In my trash bin it says "Messages that have been in the Bin for more than 30 days will be deleted au..

    • I believe your service provider also keeps emails. Had a look around once but never found them.

    • @Kr... I understood that messages were all in the cloud initially and that this is the syst..

    • Question when I delete my emails in laptop will they be automatically deleted where ever they stored..

    • If you download e-mails to your laptop using an e-mail client, such as Outlook, the e-mails are stil..

    • And the emails in my bin that are deleted after 30 days? Has my server kept them too?!!

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This planet is dying and we are all acting too slowly. Thoughts, debates & suggestions on how we can act FAST and attempt to save the planet.