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  • Electric scooters

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 6 months ago

    I heard that these will soon be legal on the roads. Not something I am looking forward to at all. Does anyone else have reservations?

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      6 months ago
    • @Da... I cannot see the difference between those being hired and those owned by the rider. They shoul..

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      6 months ago
    • As I understand it, there are scooters just for pavement use and ones that can be used on the road. ..

    • @Da... - yes, it said that - my problem is with them weaving in and out of traffic, the safety aspect..

    • More information here

    • @Lo... - you must have a helmet! (She says).

    • Probably shouldn't admit to this but I have enough trouble with cyclists (not open for debate!), the..

    • Whenever I go for a walk in a park there's always cyclists weaving in and out. Even though my husban..

    • I'm with Selsey, majorty of cyclists are a pain. No helmet required, same as the hire bikes. IMO dan..

    • @Lo... Are you referring to 4 wheel mobility scooters? @Se... is talking about 2 wheel scooters ..

    • @Mi... Thanks, got the wrong end of the stick. Will do an update in the future when I have tried..

    • Police warnings

    • Give it 6 months and they will be legal, Bird Ltd already hire they out at the London Stadium at Str..

    • We have a Segway at work to hop between Factories, great fun

    • I can see they have huge advantages, cheap to buy and run and fun to use, just not when on the roads..

    • I am just worried that like bikes they will start riding them on the pavement. I am fed up with havi..

    • They already do round here, months ago saw a woman on one with her son on a smaller one behind both ..

    • I have started to see electric scooters on pavements around my way. I doubt we will see many on road..

    • There's a few round my way, but they are always on the road. Ridden by older teenagers rather than k..

    • I think in the the right hands and correct use I see no problem with them.

    • @Sk... Absolutely right, but couldn't one say the same about anything from an ICBM to a corkscrew. ..

    • If there are, laws on use the laws should be implemented but they never are, seat belts, I was using..

    • Hands-free phones are still a distraction. There have been some interesting experiments that have pr..

    • @Te... i agree with you. I couldn't listen to one and go a wee at the same time. 😂😂😂

    • could say the radio or a passenger are distracting at times

    • If they connect through the car they least distract. It will cut off radio if listening to, button t..

    • some cars text messages come up on the screen in the car dont agree with that

    • @Te... that is annoying

    • Those you can always pick up later, do you rush to your phone if you get a text alert if you have it..

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